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While Colorado has many very nice inns and grand lodges, only two make the grade as top tier hotels. The Broadmoor is a historic resort at the foot of Pikes Peak, while The Little Nell rests at the bottom of Aspen Mountain. Both are Five-Diamond, Five-Star hotels, and the only ones to receive such honors in Colorado. 

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Photo Credit: The Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs

Going on vacation in Colorado with the kids may at one time
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enturing into rough territory in the Wild West, but that didn't last long. In 1917, Spencer Penrose was flush with gold from the Cripple Creek mining boom. He had the vision, drive, and money to create as beautiful a resort as the Rocky Mountains had ever seen. In love with the scenery of Colorado Springs, Penrose chose that location to build his Broadmoor Hotel. 

The Broadmoor wasn't Colorado's first elegant hotel, and from early times the state has been dotted with grand lodges catering to vacationers and sight-seers. However, none showed its guests such lavish indulgence as the Broadmoor.

In fact, as nice as Colorado's grand hotels were, it wasn't until 1991 that the state could boast of similar opulence in an inn. The former silver camp turned ski resort, Aspen, Colorado saw its most luxurious lodge, The Little Nell receive the AAA Five-Diamond award. Subsequently, The Little Nell earned the Mobile (now Forbes) Five-Star award as well. 

These two jewels in Colorado's luxury travel crown express their personalities differently. But they share a talent for the finest of service in absolutely fetching natural surroundings. 

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