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Young Correspondents to Family Travel Colorado
Young Correspondents are children, from the third grade through the ninth grade, who love travel, learning new things, and writing.

When they find a great place to visit in Colorado as a kid, they may write a story describing the place for

If their piece is chosen, you’ll see it published here.

Stories by Young Correspondents

Visiting the Denver Art Museum, by Ella D.

Photo: A Young Correspondent on a research assignment for

Sometimes the best way to see if a place is worth visiting with kids is to read what other kids have to say about it.

Our Young Correspondents are carefully chosen students, in the third through the ninth grades, who have an interest in travel, learning new things, and writing.

Our Young Correspondents write reviews of great places to visit in Colorado. The length of the reviews and the content varies, depending on the grade level of the student.

They must actually visit reviewed places themselves, either with their own families or with friends and their families. If they’ve visited more than once, all the better.

Hopeful contributors must submit an outline of their piece for approval before being considered as a Young Correspondent.

Young Correspondents are expected to contribute some illustration of their piece to enhance understanding of the subject matter. Illustrations may come in the form of photographic images, drawings, or paintings.

We hope that by adding the works of Young Correspondents to, that we are helping our readers as they plan great Colorado vacations with their own kids.