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Wintertime Activities for Families Traveling in Colorado
When the winter weather outside is frightful, folks in Colorado head outside. 

They know that it won't be long before the sun breaks through to smile on all kinds of fun, from snow ball wars to snow angles. 

Add downhill skiing, cross country skiing, sledding, ice skating, snowshoeing, and snow fort building, and you've made some serious family fun. 

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Winter Lodging Options for your Colorado  Ski Trip with the Kids

From rustic cabins to five star resorts, Colorado offers families a variety of choices for tucking the children in.

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Best Hotels for a Colorado Christmas Vacation with the Kids.

Photo: The Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs creates a fairyland of twinkle lights for the winter holidays.

Did You Know?

The average snowfall for
the 26 major Colorado
ski resorts is 295 inches
per year.  

Some areas (Loveland,
Wolf Creek) record
an average of 400 inches
or more per year. 

Photo: Kids ski in a major
snow storm at Winter Park, Colorado.

Photo: Families on a snowshoe outing near Crested Butte 
stop for a friendly snowball war.
It's a mystery, but somehow Colorado winters seem to have piles of snow and considerable sunshine all at the same time. 

And here in the high country, winter is no time to stay indoors. 

Families planning a great winter vacation in Colorado have a lot of choices. They can ski (downhill or cross country), sled, snowshoe, dig a snow cave, skate a lake, make a snowman, catch the white stuff on their tongues, or just deeply breath the thin, frosty Colorado air. 

Here are a few of our favorite snapshots to whet your appetite:

Sunshine and snow near Crested Butte, Colorado
Photo: Sunshine and snow atop a 
huge sledding hill near Crested Butte, Colorado

Kids snowshoeing near Crested Butte, Colorado
Photo: Kids pause during a snowshoe trip to make a snow sculpture. 

Cross country skiing and kids get along well at Devils Thumb Ranch, near Winter Park, Colorado.
Photo: Devils Thumb Ranch, near Winter Park, Colorado,
 has miles of cross-country ski trails for families to enjoy.  

Denver kids have fun in a snow cave they built in the park.
Photo: Winter fun doesn't have to be expensive. These boys are enjoying
 the snow cave they built in the park. 

Photo: Outdoor ice skating at Beaver Creek, Colorado

Photo: At the Blossoms of Light 
exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens

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