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Colorado's State Parks and National Parks

Park Lands in Colorado

Colorado is full of public lands just made for outdoor recreation. 

Families who want to experience the best of Colorado nature can visit 4 National Parks and 40 state parks. 

Each has its own personality and options for outdoor recreation.


 Photo: Great Sand Dunes National Park


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See Colorado's National Parks with the Kids!

Our nation's National Parks have been called the
crown jewels of America. 

Colorado is the proud home of four National Parks: 

  • Rocky Mountain 
  • Mesa Verde 
  • Great Sand Dunes 
  • Black Canyon of the Gunnison 

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Photo: Sylvan Lake State Park, Colorado is perfect for family canoe fishing.

Visitors to Colorado often come for the state's incomparable natural beauty and the opportunity to pursue outdoor activities.

Fortunately, Colorado is graced with no less than 40 state parks and four national parks, plus a generous smattering of national and state recreation areas, national monuments, and national historic sites.


State parks in Colorado are run by the Colorado Department of Natural Resources and tend to be oriented around lakes or reservoirs. However, many are focused on activities like scenery viewing, wildlife watching, and hiking.


Colorado's national parks are areas of such important national value that they were designated by an act of Congress. These are America's crown jewels and are administered by the National Park Service.

Both state parks and national parks in Colorado are very family friendly, with rangers who can offer valuable advice and tips for what to do and how to make it worth while for kids. Look for special Junior Ranger programs, ranger hikes, and kid focused exhibits  in museums and visitor centers.

The following directories of Colorado's National Parks and State Parks can help you choose the best vacation for your family.

Colorado State Park Directory

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