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Spring Activities for Families Traveling in Colorado
Family Travel in Colorado in the Springtime

Springtime in Colorado can be pretty tricky. One minute you are soaking up the sun, the next you're bundling up in a blizzard.

Still, Colorado has great opportunities for families who are determined to sight see in Colorado with the kids.

Just choose activities that work in all kinds of weather and enjoy the best Colorado has to offer.


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Did You  Know?

The City of Denver has its own
bison herd. In fact, it has two of them.

One herd lives in Genesee Park, along I-70, and the other lives in Daniels Park, in Douglas County.

Bison (Buffalo)
Photo: Denver, Colorado has its own bison herds. (Some folks call them buffalo.) The bison (buffalo) live in two different Denver Mountain Parks.

Photo: Kids love the dinosaur bones 
at the Denver Museum of 
Nature and Science    

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science has a mission: to inspire curiosity and excite the minds of all ages through the discovery, presentation and preservation of the world's treasures.

DMNS offers incredible adventures for kids and their parents.

Read our short article on the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for more informatio

Lookout Mountain Nature Center, Golden,  Colorado
Photo: Lookout Mountain Nature Center, in Golden, Colorado, offers families interactive exhibits, a reading room with pillows and picture windows, and lots of learning about nature, no matter what the springtime weather may be doing outside.

et's be frank. Springtime in Colorado is a lot like winter anywhere else. March is often the snowiest month, when the white stuff packs into the high country in thick layers, deep enough to cover up whole trees in some places. I mean, the wildflowers won't reach their peak for another four months.

You can bat your eyelashes and gush about "springtime in the Rockies" but if you are thinking green grass and blossoms on the tundra, you are talking about July.

The reality is that springtime in the Rockies is a season with multiple personalities. The sunshine is lovely and often quite warm, only to turn into glowering dark clouds that can shoot lightning bolts at you along with a sudden blizzard. Next thing you know, its sunny again, and little rivers flow between your footprints in the mud.

Finding activities for the kids in the springtime can be kind of tricky. Kids are sick of staying inside, but the weather may be less than inviting for outside play.

However, if you are in Colorado, you can find an assortment of fun things to do both inside and out. Plus, spring is often low-season at Colorado’s resort towns, so attractions will be less crowded and prices are generally lower.

Here is our list of ideas for springtime activities and attractions in Colorado:

Go Skiing
Cross Country Skiing at Snow Mountain Ranch, Colorado
Spring skiing in Colorado means warmer temperatures and less gear, but still plenty of snow. This boy is making tracks at Snow Mountain Ranch's cross country ski course.

That’s right, most people think of skiing as a winter sport, but those it the know know that the snow is deeper, the skies are bluer, the sun is brighter, and the days are warmer in springtime. I'd rather ski in spring than during any other time of year.

Most ski resorts stay open until the middle of April, and may extend their seasons if the snowpack is extra deep. Other ski resorts routinely stay open well into May or even later.

Some of the best Colorado ski resorts that cater to families and stay open late into the spring are Steamboat Ski Mountain and Wolf Creek Ski Area.

Hit a Hot Spring

Sloppy snow may still be clinging to the ground, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go swimming outside!

Colorado is blessed with the kind of mountain geology that produces lots of natural hot springs. Glenwood Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs, Colorado
 and Old Town Hot Springs in Steamboat Springs and others have turned the hot flowing water into large swimming pools. Kids (big and little) can find added fun amenities like giant water slides and a climbing wall above the water.

Glenwood Hot Springs at night, Glenwood Springs, Coloraodo
Photo: The steaming waters of Glenwood Hot Springs invite families to go swimming outside,
even when its is night or there is snow on the ground.
Photo Credit: Glenwood Hot Springs

Embrace Mud Season, Go Underground

In spring, Colorado’s weather can be fickle, with snow one minute that melts to soupy dirt the next. You might as well head right into the ground where the temperature is an even 52 degrees all the time.

Colorado has two show caves that offer tours to the public.
Cave of the Winds in Manitou Springs and The Fairy Caves and Glenwood Caverns in Glenwood Springs both offer great experiences for kids while sneaking in an easy lesson in geology.

Tour Great Museums

Colorado is home to world-class museums that offer hours of entertaining, educational exploring. Our favorites include:

NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research), Boulder, Colorado
Photo: NCAR (the National Center for Atmospheric Research) in Boulder, Colorado can turn even the coolest kids into science nerds. The interactive exhibits and informative tour help kids learn all about the atmosphere, introducing them to topics such as weather forcasting and chaos theory.

Visit a Nature Center

Colorado’s got a lot going on outside. From remote deserts to soaring mountain ranges to sweeping prairies, there is plenty of nature to enjoy here. But when spring weather conditions are iffy, you can enjoy nature indoors at the state’s many excellent nature centers.  Pick one from the following list, or visit them all!
Exploring Theo Carson Nature Center, Littleton, Colorado   Touring Theo Carson Nature Center, Littleton, Colorado
Photo: Theo Carson Nature Center in Littleton, Colorado offers kids the chance to learn about and enjoy the nature of the South Platte River floodplain. Outdoor and indoor exhibits allow you flexibility, a nice plus with Colorado's fickle springtime weather. Don't miss the room with the sand table where kids can build structures and watch them as they are hit with a simulated flood.

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