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What Makes the Great Sand Dunes National Park Special
What Makes the Great Sand Dunes special for families?  The highest dunes in  North  America? The amazingly complex geologic and biological systems?

Maybe it's just that if you are a kid, it is so much fun to play in the water and sand and beautiful scenery you think your head might pop.

Photo: Kids play in Colorado's biggest sandbox at the Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Did You Know?

The tallest sand dunes in North America are in Colorado, at Great Sand Dunes
National Park
The dune field  covers more than 30 square miles. The dunes themselves stretch over 700 feet high in places.

This is one tricky national park.

Families can have more bald-faced fun playing at the Great Sand Dunes than just about anywhere else in the whole state.  And you can plunk your kids down for a day of splashing and running and digging and climbing right in the midst of some of Colorado’s most spectacular scenery.

Children won’t even notice that they are doing important hands-on (really, whole bodies-on) experiential learning. They can’t help but get curious about why the dunes are there and what makes them like that.

Next thing you know, your youngsters are grasping high-powered explanations about one of the most complex geologic and biological systems in the world. Pretty good for a giant sand box.