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Skiing Sunlight Mountain Resort with the Kids
Hiding in the shadow of famous Aspen and Vail, Sunlight Mountain Ski Resort offers families a fantastic Colorado ski vacation at a fraction of the cost. 

Photo: Devil's Gut ski trail at Buttermilk Ski Area in Aspen, Colorado, requires adults to be accompanied by children.

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Photo: Devil's Gut ski trail at Buttermilk Ski Area in Aspen, Colorado, requires adults to be accompanied by children.

Read our article: Skiing Aspen with the Kids 

Photo: Before the end of the morning, the ski instructor at
 Sunlight Mountain Resort, Colorado had taught 
a group of preschoolers to ski from the top of the mountain. 
It was my 4-year-old’s first time on skis, and I was nervous as a mother hen. 

The ski-school staff at Sunlight Mountain Ski Resort escorted me to the door, in a calm, reassuring way, telling me that my child would do much better if he didn’t seem me hovering at the sidelines. They told me I could spy on him from the balcony of the ski lodge. 

I spent an hour or so furtively peeking around the edge of the building, snapping pictures before I lost track of him.

When we next spotted my son, he was snaking his way down the mountain with his ski school buddies, following his ski instructor. She pulled to a stop near some pine trees at the edge of the slope. The kids followed suit, in perfect formation, except their mouths were all open, noses pointed at the sky.

The ski instructor pulled a bag of Skittles from her pocket and neatly popped a candy into the mouth of each little skier.

The half-day lesson was so much fun, that my boy begged for it to last longer, so we extended it into a whole day lesson. We spent the afternoon leapfrogging his class, and spying on him from the chairlift as his skills improved so much that he could ride the lift to the top of the mountain and ski the whole way down.

Sunlight is a quiet, family resort, and its huge, famous neighbors, Vail and Aspen, tend to overshadow it.

However, especially if you or your kids are new to skiing, Sunlight Mountain Resort is an excellent choice. It makes no sense to spend the money the famous resorts charge when you can have just as much fun (maybe more) skiing at Sunlight.

Photo: A group of never-ever ski school participants learn
about putting on their skis at Sunlight ski area.  


Sunlight Mountain Resort is located 10 miles outside of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, about three and a half hours west of Denver on I-70. You'll pass Vail and Beaver Creek on the way, and Aspen is just up-valley in the other direction.

Family Ambiance

Sunlight Mountain Resort has the feel of skiing in Colorado before the sport became the status-soaked talking-point for rich folks. Its lodge is older and the folks who work there are friendly and down to earth.

Mountain Statistics

With only 470 acres, Sunlight is a small area, but that’s still plenty of terrain to cover for most kids. And its vertical drop of 2,010 feet is impressive.

Twenty percent of the runs are suitable for beginners, while 55% is designated intermediate, and 25% is advanced and expert.

Three chairlifts serve the mountain.

Healing Waters

Sunlight Mountain Resort has another benefit that makes it a fantastic choice for families. Only 10 miles away are the giant Glenwood Hot Springs pools.

These natural warm waters give parents and kids the perfect spot to soak away the aching in those ski muscles. Plus, it’s fun to play in an outdoor swimming pool in the dead of winter.

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