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Other Family Travel Websites of Interest
As we plan and prepare for our research trips, we often come across helpful websites. We finally decided that it is time to make a list as a service to our readers.

Happy surfing!

Mom's Minivan

We found this site when we were looking for the words to "Senor Don Gato" for singing in the car on yet another long Colorado road trip.

The site is full of road trip entertainment ideas, printable activities, and stuff to buy to help make the getting there more fun. .

Family Travel Gear - Travel Products that Assist Parents Traveling with Kids
This shopping site offers all kinds of helpful stuff, like activity trays for car seats, cute animal-shaped suitcases with wheels that kids can ride on, entertaining toys, and even "Yak Pack" kits for parents with kids prone to motion sickness.
This site, a service of the Colorado State Department of Transportation, has information on weather, road conditions, road closures, travel times, and highway advisories. It is a good reference when embarking in a road trip in the highest state.