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Your Guide to Visiting Colorado with the Kids
Hiking with Kids in Colorado

Colorado offers world class hiking, and families visiting Colorado won't find a better vacation activity.

Did You Know?

More than 360 miles of hiking trails wind through Rocky Mountain National Park.

One of our favorites for trekking with kids is the easy 0.9-mile Alberta Falls hike in the rugged Glacier Gorge area.

The Prettiest Places in Colorado

From Mesa Verde's Far View Lodge to Vail Mountain's Eagle's Nest, Colorado is full of great scenic spots to show the kids.

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Prettiest Places
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Photo: Campsite at the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve
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See Colorado's National Parks with the Kids!

Our nation's National Parks have been called the
crown jewels of America. 

Colorado is the proud home of four National Parks: 

  • Rocky Mountain 
  • Mesa Verde 
  • Great Sand Dunes 
  • Black Canyon of the Gunnison 

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series on Colorado's National Parks - 45 pages of information and inspiration

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Photo: Rocky Mountain National Park's Emerald Lake Trail

a family activity, you almost can’t beat hiking. To enjoy it, you don’t need a bunch of fancy gear, and you don’t need lessons to master the technique. The price of admission is generally pretty cheap, too.

And maybe it’s because we humans were originally built to get around on foot, or maybe because hiking is slow enough to let us really experience the world around us, but for whatever reason, hiking and families are a good fit.

For hiking equipment, you need little more than sturdy shoes or boots. However, wise parents will be prepared for contingencies and bring along basic necessities like extra water, food, and clothing. Group leaders will check out the route and be sure it is suitable to the abilities of all the hikers. They will have a map of the area and a compass and know how to use them. And leaders will listen to weather reports before leaving and keep and eye on the skies to avoid being caught out in the elements.

Experienced parents know that the littlest hikers sometimes need a ride (or a nap) in a backpack baby carrier, and that youngsters trek by the beat of a different drummer than adults. Kids are often more interested in examining wildflowers or bubbling brooks than in putting the miles behind them.

Whether your gang scales high mountain peaks, crosses windswept prairies, or dives down steep canyon trails, be prepared and balance realistic goals with stopping to smell the wildflowers along the way.

Then get out and build a treasury of family hiking memories together.

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