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The Roadside Geology of Colorado

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Title: Roadside Geology of Colorado
Author: Halka Chronic and Felicie Williams
Publisher: Mountain Press Publishing Company
Pages: 422

  • black and white photos
  • simplified geologic maps together with road maps
  • descriptions coordinated with mile markers along major routes
  • sketches to help explain geologic processes
  • descriptions of how Colorado's geology helped influence the history of the state
  • special sections on many of the national parks and monuments
  • chart of geologic periods to help you keep it all straight

I had no idea that North America has a rift valley all its own and that that rift slices up into Colorado in the San Luis Valley. And who would have guessed that the mining town of Cripple Creek lies in the collapsed caldera of an old volcano? Kids love the idea that dinosaurs tromped back and forth on what is now the edge of the Front Range, and they can see their footprints near the town of Morrison.

All in all this is a great way to help entertain and educate the folks in the back seat as you spin through the miles on another great Colorado road trip.

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