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Your Guide to Visiting Colorado with the Kids
Gear and Equipment Lists for Traveling in Colorado with the Children

When you are traveling with the family in Colorado, its hard to know if you have the right gear for the activities you are planning.

Gear reviews and checklists help you make sure you've packed what you need.

Photo: Buttermilk Ski Area at Aspen, Colorado appeals mightily to the preschool set.

Article: Skiing Aspen with the kids.

Photo: Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve
Campground. The right gear makes a big difference.

Packing lists for family trips tend to change with the circumstances. When you make your list, consider the following:

-    Location
-    Time Frame
-    Season
-    Travelers' ages
-    Travelers' interests and disposition
-    Planned activities
-    How you are going to transport your gear

We use three basic lists: gear, food, and clothing. Then we modify them as needed. You’ll save time and brain damage if you make your list and check it twice before you head out.

Here are some basic lists we use most often now that our family includes kids. You’ll want to add and subtract stuff, depending on your children’s ages and your plans. Think about contingencies. And what was it those Boy Scouts said about being prepared?

Gear List: Camping
Gear List: Camp Clothing
Gear List: Hiking
Gear List: Skiing

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