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Gear List for Hiking with Kids in Colorado

Colorado offers world class hiking, and families visiting Colorado won't find a better vacation activity.

Having the right gear may make all  the difference for safe and happy hikers.

Photo: Lupine are among the many wildflowers that bloom in Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.

Did You Know?

More than 360 miles of hiking trails wind through Rocky Mountain National Park.

One of our favorites for trekking with kids is the easy 0.9-mile Alberta Falls hike in the rugged Glacier Gorge area.

Photo: Rocky Mountain National Park's Emerald Lake Trail
is one of many hiking trails that families can enjoy even with little kids.

Certain pieces of hiking gear are essential for family hiking safety. In Colorado, where the weather can go from sunny to snowing in a matter of minutes, having the right stuff in your pack is even more important. Smart parents make sure they and their kids are equipped with the following essentials:

•    Hiking boots or sturdy shoes

•    Daypacks for everyone in the family (who isn't in a backpack baby carrier)

•    Drinking water bottle (one for each person in the family)

•    Sun protection (sunblock, hats with brims, sunglasses, lip balm)

•    Jackets and extra clothes for the weather (raingear, knit hats, mittens)

•    Lunch and snacks

•    Map and compass (know how to use them and do it often,  so the kids can learn, too)

•    First aid kit

•    Poop-in-the-woods kit (small trowel, toilet paper, plastic bags for packing out TP) and diaper kit (if your kids are that age)

•    Plastic tarp and foam pad for nap time or emergency bivouac

•    Whistles (each person carries his or her own, for use only when truly lost)

•    Waterproof matches and fire starter for emergencies

•    Flashlight

•    Pocket knife

Extra Items:

•    Camera
•    Tissues for runny noses
•    Insect repellent
•    Guidebooks (birds, wildflowers, etc.)
•    Notebook or sketchbook and pencils

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