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A Colorado Road Trip with the Family

Most of Colorado can be accessed by car, and for many families it is an ideal way to travel. But before heading out on a driving vacation, consider all the factors that go into a road trip. 

d You Know?

Colorado has 41 passes over 10,000 feet above sea level.

Many can be traveled by passenger car, though some can only be accessed by 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Vail Pass offers great views of the Gore Range in Colorado
Families on vacation in
Colorado can travel right over
10,662-foot Vail Pass on I-70.  

Planning a
Road Trip?

Colorado's a big place and it's easy to rack up the miles on the highway. Keeping the kids happy through those long hours can be a bit intimidating.

Laurel Smith, editor of can help.

Before you leave, visit her website for great ideas for traveling with kids. She's got pages and pages of car games, song lyrics, printable activities, and savvy advice for making those long road trips memorable in a good way.

Photo:Independence Pass, near Aspen, Colorado offers drivers spectacular views.

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Recommended Road Trip: Independence Pass

Photo: Many Colorado Campgrounds cater to drivers.

By far the most common way for families to travel through Colorado, the private automobile offers many advantages, and some major drawbacks.

Colorado was settled before the automobile was invented, but it was largely developed afterwards. The infrastructure in this state is designed around private, wheeled transportation.

With few exceptions, tourists can reach even the most remote parts of the state in a regular passenger car. The highways are excellent, and the Colorado Department of Transportation has ample experience keeping them open in all kinds of weather. Even in winter, traffic jams and congestion are more likely to delay car travelers than weather.

Anther advantage of driving for families includes privacy, which can be a double-edged sword. It’s less embarrassing to have your family… er, disagreements in the privacy of your own vehicle. On the other hand, being cooped up together in a small space for miles and miles means that those disagreements are more likely to arise.

The flexibility cars afford is unrivaled by any other mode of transportation. When your toddler has had enough of a museum and clearly needs to leave, it’s great to have a car right there in the parking lot, rather than waiting for the bus or light rail.

And, probably most important for many families is the automobile’s capacity for lots of stuff. When we have our own car, whether we rent it or bring it from home, we can load it up with clothes, coolers, toys, TV’s, and tow a trailer to boot. It seems that this is the automobile’s greatest advantage.

However, the ability to bring our lives with us, in a way is really the car’s biggest disadvantage. Our stuff can insulate us from experiencing a new place. I remember seeing a youth of about 13 years old walking through Mesa Verde National Park with his nose stuck to his portable electronic game toy. His mother commented that she wanted to throw it into the canyon. It may have made the road trip easier, but it was stealing the boy’s attention and he was losing out on the experience of Mesa Verde.

When we travel with the family by car, we need to carefully determine if the stuff we bring with us will allow us to better connect with the local environment, or shield us from it. We need to decide ahead of time what makes up the essence of a place, and what items will help us appreciate that more.

And finally, cars, when compared to air travel, take longer to reach a destination. And when a family is willing to travel light, and embrace public transportation, traveling without a car can be a far more environmentally friendly way to go.

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