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Condominium and Vacation Home Rental in Colorado
Families traveling in Colorado have many choices for great vacation home or condominium rentals.

Although the up-front cost may be more for lodging,
it can be cheaper
in the long run when you
count the savings for
meals cooked in.

And when you've got
little kids, having your
own kitchen can
make life much easier when you are on vacation.


Families looking for lodging when on vacation in Colorado can also think about renting a cabin. While more rustic than a hotel, condominium, or vacation home, cabins offer cozy charm and often closer access to nature.

Photo: The Terrace House Condominiums are built
on a steep slope in Snowmass, near Aspen. They have
pretty mountain landscaping in the summer and are
walking distance from the slopes in winter.

Renting a condominium or vacation home when you are on vacation in Colorado may be one of the best decisions you’ll make.

Having a kitchen and bedrooms separate from the living area saves headaches, and in the long run, often saves money.

How nice to have somewhere to heat up a bottle, wash out sippy cups, and chill milk for the morning’s Cheerios. And cooking your own meals means that you won’t be spending money on restaurant food that picky kids may or may not eat. And let’s face it, sometimes eating in is faster and less stressful than sitting in a restaurant with restless children.

Toddler bedtime in a hotel can be tough, but a condo lets little ones snooze in their own darkened space. Meanwhile, parents can plan the next day’s activities with the light on in another room.

The set-up of a condominium or vacation home is so much closer to normal for the kids, that they fall asleep easier than they would in a hotel room. Then, after the little tigers go down, parents can relax together on the balcony, or listen to the fire crackle and enjoy a glass of wine in the living room.

Shop for inexpensive condominiums at, where mom and pop owners advertise their units with photos and price charts. Then contact the owners directly and negotiate a deal that works for you.

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