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 Lodging for your Colorado Vacation with the Kids

Some families want the pampering of a 5-Star resort. Others look for the charm of a grand historic inn. Tastefully rustic ski lodges are another favorite choice for those looking for luxury Colorado style. has ideas 
and suggestions to help you find 
the best hotel for tucking in 
the little angels in style. 


Did You Know?

Every room in Mesa Verde's Far View Lodge has a private balcony. Views from those balconies stretch more than 100 miles.

In the early morning, forest animals, including wild horses, can be seen and heard in the rugged landscape surrounding the lodge.

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Winter Lodging Options for your Colorado  Ski Trip with the Kids

From rustic cabins to five star resorts, Colorado offers families a variety of choices for tucking the children in.

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Best Hotels for a Colorado Christmas Vacation with the Kids.

Photo: The Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs creates a fairyland of twinkle lights for the winter holidays.

At the Westin Riverfront Resort at Beaver Creek Mountain, the lobby wears an understated and elegant look during the day.

By night it fills with guests - families who come downstairs to socialize and relax.

In short, for a luxury family ski lodge experience, the Westin Riverfront strikes the perfect tone.  

Photo Credit: The Broadmoor Hotel and Resort
Tents were Colorado's first offerings of hospitality. Hoteliers were doing the best they could with what they had during the fevered days of the 1859 gold rush. 

Eventually gritty western towns sprang up to serve the miners. Amidst the dust and hustle, elegant hotels grew like roses in a dirt patch. Today many of these fine old inns continue to bloom. And the mining towns offer recreational opportunities, cultural events, and shopping.

Elsewhere, the scenery attracted high-brow adventurers. European aristocrats came for American safaris, to hunt big game and brave a beautiful wilderness. In these spots, too, grand lodges catered to exclusive Victorian tastes.

After the second world war, veterans from the Tenth Mountain Division pioneered a new  industry in the high country, and built now-famous ski resorts. Visitors are still welcomed by richly appointed ski lodges for retiring after a day on the slopes.

Throughout Colorado, visitors can find luxury accommodations with character and style. However, not all are well set up to accommodate families with children. Here is our take on family travel to some of Colorado’s most luxurious and historic hotels.

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