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Camping Gear Checklist

When you are traveling with the family in Colorado, its hard to know if you have the right gear for the activities you are planning.

Gear reviews and checklists help you make sure you've packed what you need.

Photo: Campsite at the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

Article: Camping in Colorado

Did You Know?

The biggest campground in the National Park Service system is at Mesa Verde National Park, in Colorado.

With 435 Sites, Morefield Campground has never filled up.

You are still welcome to make a reservation, though, if you think you need one.

As you read this list, you will see that this amount of gear would be too much to carry on your back. Therefore, this list is most suited to car camping, rather than backpacking or other types of sleeping under the stars.

Sleeping Gear
•    Tent, fly, ground cloth
•    Sleeping bags
•    Sleeping pads for insulation
•    Pillows
•    Flashlights
•    Books, cuddly toys
•    Tissues

Cooking Gear
•    Water containers
•    Roll-up table
•    Plates and bowls
•    Cups, mugs
•    Silverware
•    Stove
•    Fuel
•    Matches
•    Cook pot and pan (or griddle)
•    Hot mitt
•    Pancake turner
•    Mixing/serving spoon
•    Can opener
•    Coffee pot, filters
•    Cooking knife
•    Cutting board
•    Mixing bowl
•    Colander
•    Charcoal, lighter fluid
•    Grill
•    Aluminum foil
•    Tablecloth, clips
•    Sandwich bags

Clean-up Gear
•    Sponge, scrubbie
•    Dish soap
•    Dish pans
•    Dish rack
•    Rubber gloves
•    Dish towels
•    Paper towels
•    Plastic trash bags

Gear Around Camp
•    First Aid Kit
•    Camp stools, chairs
•    Firewood
•    Hatchet, saw
•    Hand washing station
•    Solar shower, water collecting basin
•    Clothes line
•    Clothes pins
•    Camp toys
•    Playing cards
•    Bicycles

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