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A Cabin in the Woods : Renting a Home Base when Vacationing with the Family in Colorado
Renting a cabin is by far one of our family’s favorite lodging choices when on vacation in Colorado.

The convenience, charm, and low cost make it a good choice when traveling with kids.


Summertime or wintertime, renting a cabin is a great option for families on vacation in Colorado.

Check out our list of great cabins to rent.

From fancy to frumpy, most cabins in Colorado are available year round. 

Vacation Home and Condominium Rental are also good lodging options for Colorado family vacations. Read our our article.

Photo: The Terrace House Condominiums in Snowmass, near Aspen, Colorado

Photo: Early light on a frosty morning bathes this cabin at the YMCA of the Rockies, near Estes Park, Colorado. The camp has several cabins of different sizes, as well as lodge rooms and recreational facilities.  

d Winter Night

I’ll never forget snuggling my (then) three-year-old into bed one January night high in the Colorado mountains. We had rented a cabin on the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Continental Divide rears up over 13,000 feet above sea level in those parts, and the high peaks act like a dam for the prevailing westerly winds that blow across the continent. When enough pressure builds up, a wave of cold air gushes over the summits and comes screaming down the slopes to scour the frozen ground below.

Safe and Warm

While my husband and older son read in the glow from the fireplace in the cabin’s living room, I snuggled my little guy in his bed, beneath his quilts. We waited, holding our breath, for each blast of wind. We could hear it, just a whisper in the silent night, starting way above timberline. The hiss would grow until it was a roar, rushing through the pine trees, finally thumping into the windows of our cabin. The stout log walls creaked with each blast, but inside our family was safe and warm. My son wiggled with glee each time, and finally breathed deeply and evenly, lulled by the rhythmic rush of the wind. 

Morning Sun

He woke the next morning to sunshine, pancakes, and the prospect of a day of exploring the snow-covered national park.

Cabin trips are by far one of our family’s favorite lodging choices when on vacation.

Planning Your Cabin Trip

We have compiled a short list of cabins to rent in Colorado so you can start researching places to stay with your family. Most of them are located in Colorado's state parks and range from bare bones to well appointed. 

Shop for inexpensive cabins or small vacation homes at, where mom and pop owners advertise their units with photos and price charts. Then contact the owners directly and negotiate a deal that works for you.

Also check the directory of Colorado's state parks. Many offer yurts as well as cabins that you can reserve in advance.

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