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Visiting the Denver Art Museum, by Ella D.
The Denver Art Museum’s images capture visitors of all ages. 

Our Young Correspondent for this page, Ella D., is 8 years old, and in the third grade.

She is home schooled with her sisters and enjoys writing as well as her other subjects.

Photo: Ella D., our Young Correspondent for this article on the Denver Art Museum

Image: Drawing of a red horse, by Young Correspondent, Ella D.
The Denver Art Museum is fun for everyone! I like to wander around the museum to look at the superb paintings.

They really capture your imagination. There is a red horse sculpture made out of car parts. Don’t miss the bubbles on the second floor to your right. Some exhibits might even make you laugh. Everyone should come to the art museum some time!

Submitted by:  Ella D.  Age 8

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